Episode 2 - Old, New, Borrowed, and Naughty...err, Blue!

Thanks for the early support, friends!  I appreciate it.   Listen to Episode 2 on this link!

If you like "something old," then Dr. Faustus's Erotic Mad Science should be added to your browser bookmarks!  There is a lot to drain your productivity on his site!  Happily so!

This episode's Something Old is an underground comic from 1973 - Good Jive Comix #2
You can grab your own copy of this at the Last Gasp Books Website!

It has an inviting start . . . the colors would certainly get anyone's attention at a head shop or record store.

As you can see, it's adult content - but more amusing than arousing!

For Something New, we also go to Something Great - Chester 5000 from Jess Fink!

STOP what you're doing, and get your own copy!  A terrific hardcover from directly from Top Shelf, or you could get it from Amazon.

So amazing!  Sexy in its action, real in its drama.  You can feel everything through her art.  So good.

For Something Borrowed, we check out the fun and explicit Cummoner:

And Something Blue is another title from Eurotica:  It Could Happen To You #2

Grab it here.

"What are you waiting for, Chubby?"