Episode the First!

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This time around Johnny Jackhammer takes an in depth look at . . .

Something Old:  Cherry #9

Entertaining stories with a nod to Archie Comics and, particularly, the classic Dan DeCarlo style.  Created by Larry Welz.

If you ever fantasized about getting it on with Betty (who didn't), then check out Cherry!  Hard, but not impossible, to find.  Your best bet will be at auction sites like eBay or back issue dealers like Mile High Comics. 

And a bonus for comic (or should I say comix?) fans!  A story written and drawn by Mark Bodé!

Something New: Scarlett Takes Manhattan

Created by the incomparable Molly Crabapple and the steady John Leavitt.

Described as "a delightful erotic romp through the exotic world of Gilded Age New York.  You can pick it up new on Amazon.com

There is a lot to like about this book, featuring a deliciously clever woman and how she copes and grows through modest means.  Features the vaudeville lifestyle at it's bawdiest!

Something Borrowed:  Manage-a-3

Fun, cheeky, sexy webcomic.  Depicts relationship issues (mainly funny communication situations) and comical sexual adventures.  It is NOT an explicit strip, but it is certainly for adults only.

Something BLUE:  Barbarian Chicks & Demons Vol. 5

Published by Eurotica and created by Hartmann.  

Your local bookstore can order it, or you can find it volumes on Amazon.  It frequently goes in and out of print, so you might find a better deal on the auction sites.

Images are shared for review and educational purposes.  All rights and copyrights are held by the original artists and publishers.  My goal is to generate interest in their work that, I hope, translates into sales for them.