Third Time's A Charm - First Time and Beyond

Our third episode expands with the addition of a very well done anthology.  Along with 3 other choice titles.

Something Old

We must delve into the world of Tijuana Bibles!  The starting point for all sex in comics, these underground pamphlets run the gamut of hot to corny!

In doing so, we feature the Tijuana Bibles vol. 9 from Eros Comics/Fantagraphics

The art style varied widely, with most parodying established comic strips, like this take on Dixie Dugan:

Something New

Back to Eurotica with a distinct collection of erotic stories, First Time.  The theme is the "First Time" doing something . . . sex 1-1, sex 2 + 1, swinger clubs, BDSM, and more.

You don't see introductory BDSM done well very often . . . this chapter feels authentic, featuring the very real slow start that's needed in real life . . . with spank play.

Something "Borrowed"

This episode's webcomic looks at the intense, emotion-heavy Oh, Mandy! by Kumi Pumi

Check this panel out . . . you just got a crush on Mandy, didn't you?

There is definite graphic sex in this short webseries, but it all develops through the romantic relationship budding between a college co-ed and her professor:

Something Blue

Hustler Comix, Premiere Issue - search the auction sites if you're interested in this series of books.

Cover for the first issue of Hustler Comix, Spring 1997

Good Lord!  Her spine must be broken!