Witches, Pixies, Hungry Girls, and Hot Moms

Back again, looking at 4 works of art for your sexy entertainment!

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Something Old

Young Witches, Book 4 from Fantagraphics.  The "classic" 1990's series now back in print!

Anyone up for some hermaphrodite action?

And some panels are unique in how they can portray the intensity in a facial expression.

Something New 

The charming and fun Small Favors: the Definitive Girlie Porno Collection!   Also available for Kindle.

Kinky fun comes in all sizes

Fun and cheerful sexuality.

Something Borrowed

The fun and sexy Doctor Voluptua!

Gotta love a narcissistic psychiatrist!  (How do I know?  Well, check out the photo on her wall!)

Trying to help a sex-crazed nymphomaniac!

Something Blue

It's Hot Moms volume 2, from the mysterious Rebecca!

This collects Hot Mom's issue #6 to #10

Several taboos and familiar situations arise in Rebecca's work.

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