Good Stuff Falls Between Playboy and Hentai

Welcome to the latest episode of the Sequential Sex Podcast.

This week, we look at 

Something Old

 A coffee table book with hundreds of vintage and iconic images.  Some are pretty funny, a few are alluring, and all are entertaining.

Something New

The truly outstanding No Better Words by Ignatz Award Winning Creator Carolyn Nowak.  Before you listen or read any further, go get your own copy at Silver Sprocket Publishing!

Outstanding lifework and simple settings to push through tender and intense emotion.  Truly a skillful work of art!

With sexy, gorgeous, realistic bodies and hot sex!

Something Borrowed

Is from the artist co-op website Filthy Figments.  Check out the free pages available for Peppermint by Aud Koch.

I love this panel, and I had fun with the surprises in store!

Something Blue

Extremely explicit and adult character Hentai from Project Hentai!  Forbidden Colors by Nishiki Karasuma.

The fluids are flowing like champagne.  (And all characters depicted are over 18, thankfully!)

Thanks for coming around!  Feel free to share feedback and suggestions!


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