Goddesses, Wiccans, Parodies, and Detectives

Our latest episode can be found right here:  Episode 7

Before we dive into our artwork this time, Johnny recommends a couple of items for Holiday Gift Giving:

Alan Moore's fascinating study on pornography over the centuries: 25,000 Years of Erotic Freedom - it's a nice little hardcover, but also available immediately for the Kindle.

We also recommend the highly entertaining study of sex in comics with Erotic Comics vol 1 and vol 2!

And now, on with the show!

Something Old dives into Promethea issue #10 from Wildstorm/DC Comics, written by the above-mentioned Alan Moore and drawn strikingly well by J.H. Williams III.   You can find this in back issue bins, as part of volume 2 of the Promethea trade paperback series, or on Comixology.

Explore the Chakras and awaken the Kundalini!

The noted tribute to the Sgt Pepper album cover:

And the power of the universe can be found in the sacred cup on the female form.  The Holy Grail, indeed.

Something New delves into new territory for me, personally - the Jim Balent creation: Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose ®, issue 104.

You can get this in comic shops or digitally, but why not go over to their website at Broadsword Comics and buy direct!  Plus, you'll have unique bonuses and sexy variant covers that may not be available elsewhere.

This book was an enjoyable surprise, and I will definitely be visiting their world again . . . 

Something Borrowed checks out the web series Sexy Losers

Full of variety, humor, and some surprising taboo strips!

Yes!  Rope with a purpose!

 And the shamefully alluring Kenta's Horny Mom is a guilty pleasure that's hard to avoid.

Something Blue is District 69 from Sizzle 58 from Eurotica.  This naughty scene is reminiscent of the ridiculously thin plots of classic 70's porn films - just with more idealized bodies!

The issue can be hard to find, so you might be relegated to the auction sites!

The interrogation doesn't seem to be going well.

Whoops . . . I clearly spoke too soon!

Thank you for listening!  Share the show with your kinky and/or geeky friends, if you think they'd enjoy it!