A Conversation with Dr. Faustus

On the latest episode, it was my great privilege to have Dr. Iago Faustus join the show as a guest.  Dr. Faustus is the mastermind behind the very enjoyable blog page: Erotic Mad Science.  The website is a daily pleasure, with posts of gorgeous pulp fiction covers, damsels in distress, and pages from his own creative works.

Our discussion revolves around Something Old (The Adventures of Phoebe Zeit-Geist), Something New and Something Borrowed (Tales of Gnosis College).  I take a liberty in combining categories for his Gnosis Tales, but the conversation is so lively that I expect to be forgiven!

Something Old

The Adventures of Phoebe Zeit-Geist was published in the Evergreen Review in the 1960's and collected in a complete edition in 1966.  The artwork is gorgeous, the writing is smart and satirical.  Our heroine is thrown into distress and ends each chapter in a new and twisted form of danger - whether it is being tethered to a helicopter, being eaten by a mystical creature, or rotting as a corpse following her tragic death . . . her keen spirit and determination sees her through!

The writer of these adventures, Michael O'Donoghue, went on to relative fame and success as a key contributor to National Lampoon and one of the original writers on Saturday Night Live.  The Good Doctor Faustus shares the following link of a sketch he appeared in during those SNL days that show some of his dark and twisted humor:  SNL 1976 Sketch featuring Jodie Foster

And the Frank Springer artwork evokes the classic adventure strip style of artists like Alex Raymond and Milt Caniff.  Along with some of the zany background activity known from Will Elder or Harvey Kurtzman.

She's ever brave, regardless of peril.

Something New and Something Borrowed

The Tales of Gnosis College has something for every SciFi Comic, Sex Comic, Adventure Comic, and Humor Comic lover!

You never know what monsters and mystical creatures you'll see!

Something Blue

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Drippy, extreme, pornographic material that exists only to arouse and perhaps satisfy!