Flappers, New Gods, Elves, and Lady Wrestlers!

We're back with some delicious diversions!  This time we go homemade, mainstream, and somewhere in between!

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As always, the book titles include a link to where YOU can get them!

Something Old - Dumb Dora from Tijuana Bibles vol. 9 from Fantagraphics.

Wikipedia says a "dumb Dora" is a 1920's slang expression for a foolish woman.  We should all know more fools like her!  Her heart is pure and she knows what she likes!

The underground art from this 8 page pamphlet.  

The characters are from a popular newspaper strip of the 20's and 30's.

Something New - we go VERY mainstream, with Mister Miracle #5 from DC Comics.  Brilliantly written by Tom King and strikingly drawn by Mitch Gerads - this is probably the sexiest mainstream comic of this century so far.  
Image result for mister miracle number 5

These are New Gods.  More than that, Mister Miracle was the son who was handed over to Darkseid in a peace treaty, so there's more than one Christ reference in here!  These guys really bring the layers of meaning to the entire series run.

If you didn't love Big Barda before, this series will get you there quickly.  Strong.  Fierce.  Smart.  Takes No Bullshit.  Gives No Fucks.  except about Scott Free/Mister Miracle, that is.

The opening cover to a GORGEOUS webcomic that includes sword, sorcery, elves, and a lot of amazing sex!

Long, slow character development leads to meaningful and (sometimes) slow sexual action.

Well . . . there's plenty of Sudden Sex, as well.  Yeah, baby!  TENTACLE POND!

While there's a high volume of sex, there is also an immersive and compelling adventure story.  Complete with maps!  What fantasy comic would be worth anything without helpful and detailed maps?!?

Something Blue - Oil Orgy #1 from Jism Comics.  You can get it as part of an anthology available on DriveThruComics for only $1!

Well . . . we can see where this is going, can't we?


Wet fantastical story taking place in a pub in the UK.  Cheers!


  1. Thank you. Never heard of Dumb Dora until now. Time to dig into some research.

    1. Yeah, she's a fun one. Always comes across as daft but ends up knowing more than anyone else . . . plus, it's fun how she says she'd never do such a thing - right before she throats him good, lol!


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