Springtime Is Here!

So let's spring into some Sequential Sex!

Our latest episode features:

Something Old - The fabulous Wet Satin from Last Gasp!
(as always, click on the name of the comic to see how you can get a copy!)

This is an anthology by woman creators compiled and edited by the legendary Trina Robbins!  Trina was a major player in the world of underground comics (and above ground comics) in the 1970s and 1980s . . . and she's still going today!

It delivers terrific art, sexy stories, and some healthy humor!  It is a very enjoyable read with varying art styles and sensibilities.

And I LOVE the back cover, which shows that the ladies have the same or more sexual energy than the men . . . 

From there, Something New is the fascinating and explicit - if not erotic - Garden of the Flesh from Fantagraphics.  Written and drawn by Gilbert Hernandez!  It's always a treat when a well-known and highly skilled creator creates graphic sexual art!

This is a terrific, small, leather-bound volume that turns the Book of Genesis on it's head . . . with a LOT of head.  And cum shots.  And fucking from behind.  And creation.  And all that comes with it.

 The book takes us from the creation of Eve (Hey!  It's still somewhat related to Adam's Rib!)

To Noah's Ark!   Hey, is that an Olive Branch?

From there, we dive into Something Borrowed - which is truly a diversion of your time if you get sucked in!  The website - http://www.krash.zone/ - features the art of Krash & Fabs.  

Most of the site collects more than 10 years worth of pinups - all highly sexual with mostly exaggerated cartooney renderings.  I particularly like when they parody popular characters from pop culture (like Betty Boop, Jessica Rabbit, and Benny the Cab above).

And there are plenty of Trans characters - many women with giant, fleshy breasts and giant, erect cocks.

 And there's a bonus section that features around 5 comic stories, which are unique and enjoyable.  The above panel is from a story done with a homage to the old EC horror comics.  3 girls encounter ghosts on a dare to a haunted house in "Dick Or Treat"

And we wrap up Something Blue with Volume 3 of Shadow and Light by Quinn, published by Amerotica.

The book is a collection of short illustrated prose stories.  The stories themselves are fantasies like you might see in a porn film or a Penthouse Letter.  But, if you read the story along with the art, it comes alive and plausible in an interesting way.  The highly realistic art is done with life and detail.  It was a book that improves the more you read it.

Thanks so much for checking these out!