Strange Circumstances and Sudden Encounters

In This Episode, it seems like there is a lot of surprise sex going on!  Mysterious ghosts probing people.  Sudden sex with strangers.  Crazy mind-control frenzied fucking. 

Something Old - Looks at Lust, volume 1 from the former Eros Comix.

A wife is pounded by her husband while being DPed by her "shadow lover."

And a woman is eaten out by a spirit in the woods . . . we can't see him from above, but the panels on the right shows what she can see . . . 

And the sister of a ghost is an exhibitionist slut who only wants to be watched . . .

Something New looks at the surprising and almost mainstream title from Boundless Comics - Magdalena #1

Warrior Wenches always celebrate battlefield victory!

And a lot of fairly graphic sex takes place in a traditional Sword and Sorcery story, professionally done!

Beware of Witches who use glamours to make you think they are something else so they can fuck you into submission!  

Something Borrowed - is the terrific webcomic If You Seek Amy from Shabazz!  This was found via a Google search, and it was a pleasant surprise - more than just sexy art, this really digs into the psyche and decisions to be made by a 19 year old woman who is embracing her sexuality!

With A LOT of my favorite position taking place!

Something Blue - is a lighthearted story about something controlling the minds of the public, throwing them into a sexual frenzy = Cloud of Desires from Jism Comics!   (This used to be available as a single issue, and now it's bundled into a digital comic called Naughty, issue 1)

Complete strangers - a news reporter and a pet shop owner are overtaken by mind-controlled lust!

And the news cameras are shocked at what their "on the scene" reporter has gotten into!

And the real group scene begins when the pet shop owner's wife confronts them, only to be enraptured herself!

Thanks for listening!