Ready For The Heat of Summer!

Our latest show is up!  

And we are about to shift our format for the summer months.  For June, July, and August, we will be doing "deep dives" on books - taking a full episode to talk about an incredible publication.  BUT, I'll leave that discussion for later . . .

For now, let's check out

Something Old

Swamp Thing #34 from DC Comics, by Alan Moore and Steven Bissette

An article by Charles Pulliam-Moore suggested that this may be the most erotic, sex-positive comic ever made.  I'm not sure I agree, but I certainly did enjoy it!  Especially how Moore and Bissette captured that heart-racing, awkward moment when two people reveal their romantic interest in each other.

Yes, sexual connection begins and ends with . . . connection.  Once connected, the comic morphs into wild and creative flowing scenes of sensuality.

Something New

We venture back to an Eurotica publication that ventures into some kinky themes with Magenta - Noir Fatale by Nik Guerra

A stylized softcover - you can find it under $10 from several sources.

The gorgeous art is the hallmark.  The book is delicious to look at, even if the story is a bit predictable.

And there's plenty of bondage along with some S&M.  Although there isn't a lot of sex, and what is in there is largely implied.  

Something Borrowed

A Twitter link lured me over to the Patreon site of Atilio Gambedotti, who is creating 8 page comics that were a surprising treat of visuals, explicit action, and humor.

And Flora means it, when she finds herself booked for an acting role only to find out it's for a porn shoot.

The works are available in both English and Spanish . . . I think it's MUCH HOTTER in Spanish, don't you?

She seems to have enjoyed things, and I enjoyed his pages almost as much as she did!
Something Blue

I'm feeling really cranked up today . . . so it was a particular treat to find The Nymphomaniac by Pablo Cabezas and published by CoaxDreams.  

My kind of girl . . . all pleasure.  Although I do like to bring in a restraint every now and then.  Plus, you DO get to see her tied up in this issue.

In the end, she is able to put out her message about sharing your desires with the person closest to you.  I mean, you know, the person who happens to be nearest to your body at that particular moment.  It seems to work well for the public!


  1. Wonderful information, I ordered Magenta - Noir Fatale by Nik Guerra. Can't wait...



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