Deep Dive Into Lost Girls

We're back with a close look at Lost Girls, by Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie.  Listen to the episode with this download link!

This collects 30 chapters which were put out over time in various publications and is now collected in a couple of ways from Top Shelf Comics.

Lost Girls takes place on the cusp of World War I.  In a countryside hotel, three women meet and come together - no pun, but it is an accurate description.  These women are Alice from Alice in Wonderland, Dorothy from Wizard of Oz, and Wendy from Peter Pan.  

The book is a compelling combination of literary history, absolute smut, and warnings about censorship.  It makes you think.  It makes you feel.  And it is quite arousing.

As each woman shares her stories, usually while the other two are fucking or sucking each other, we see the brilliance of the creators.  The tales we know so well are converted to real world living - and all as sexual exploration.  Alice's catty flower garden is actually a sapphic lesbian boarding school bedroom.  Dorothy's Scarecrow is actually a shy farm boy that she as a young girl seduces.  Wendy's dalliance with Peter and the Lost Boys is actually sex games and circle jerks in the woods of a park.

The cover shows it . . . the three main heroines of our beloved tales . . . reflected in Alice's mirror as the women we meet today.

Alice's stories are told in panels shaped like a looking glass might be.  In this scene, she is being mentored (and kissed) by the "Queen of Hearts."

Dorothy's tornado was actually the whirlwind of masturbation that took her to colorful new adventures.

And Wendy's innocence was taken in the woods by an eager, switchy Peter.

And the culmination of my favorite scene (you know how I love group action!) - along with pointed remarks about Pornography.

GET THIS COLLECTION!  It is wonderful.