Heroes, Fantasies, Barbarians, and Mentors

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For Something Old, we grabbed a collection of Captain Hard-On comics.  This book collects strips from Hustler Magazine in the 80s and 90s created by Dan Collins.

 It's a small format trade paperback, measuring around 6"x9" at around 130 pages.

Most of the strips parody Marvel heroes and the artwork of Jack Kirby.  However, you can really see the Will Elder influences here.

Miles Long needs to become aroused in order to change into Captain Hard-On!

 Our Something New this episode turns to Heavy Metal #291 - The Fetish Special - the image below is Cover A, the main cover, which is a photographic piece created by Nikki Sixx.  (Yep, that Nikki Sixx.)  You can also get it digitally on Comixology.

While some stories do touch on some sex and fetishes, it's more like a straight-ahead issue of Heavy Metal.  Some fetishy stuff, but not edgy if you're a member of the Fetish community.  

I talk about the story Need on the show, which follows the fantasies of an unfulfilled woman as she slugs through her day.  In this scene, it is snakes and not tentacles that enrapture and penetrate her.

One story follows an interplanetary explorer who runs into some powerful energy men who take full sexual advantage of their visitor.

Another hallmark of recent Heavy Metal issues is a profile of artists, including a gallery by the fascinating model and artist Ulorin Vex!

Today's Something Borrowed returns to a favorite artist of ours: Kumi Pumi with her Rowena the Barbarian webcomic!

I love Rowena's expression.  She wants to smite her smarmy companion . . . but she has a point.

Fun and alluring sex does take place in the book, but never at the expense of the story.  There's a reason why this is happening.

I found him to be a quite likable demon.  He got his.  And soon he'll get his, I'm afraid!

And the Something Blue this show succeeded in raising my attention!  It's the story "Let's Consult With Ms. Terada" from the Hentai Manga book Wife in Short Shorts from Project H.

The professional businesswoman Ms. Terada tries to help her employee get over his insecurity over his massive cock.  She isn't sure she is up to the task, but she feels obligated to help him!

The mouth was one thing, but the look on her face just shows he is stretching her to her limits!

A happy ending for everyone involved.  Was it good for you?

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