Urban Icons, Sissy Boys, Rock Duos, and Amnesia Action

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This episode's Something Old:

We jump into the Girl saga by Kevin J. Taylor with Girl: The Second Coming vol 1.  Click on the title to get a link to all available volumes of the Girl storyline from NBM Publishing.

A lovely brown woman . . . not sure of her origin or mix from the first issue, but she's a strong and powerful woman of color.

. . . who can clearly lead a man around by his cock.

Sleek and heavy sex is portrayed, and there is a lot of story in volume 1.  It seems like there's more sex found in the later volumes now that the story premise is set.

Find Kevin on his Patreon Page.

Something New:  

takes us to Lustomic.com for Plastic Beach Sissy by Andy (@Andysdames on Twitter) and Dare (@Daresart on Twitter)!

An intriguing and beautiful captain . . . who LIVES in the world of double entendre!

And he never dreamed that Dennis really wanted to be Denise!  And the fun is just beginning!

Something Borrowed

Is a fun find:  ROCK COCKS take the stage!  

In their lowest point of poverty and impending eviction, the two friends who make up the band become much more than friends.  And bonus!  An outdoor fuck scene on a balcony in the city!

It's a fun and enjoyable story.  The sex is plentiful and always sweet - mostly with partnered couples (or those who plan/want to be)

Something Blue

Hentai Manga, I can't quit you!  But for quick arousal and fapping heartily, nothing gets to the action quite as quickly as Hentai Manga.

This is from A Strange Kind of Woman vol 2 created by Inu and published by Eros Comix.

Yep.  They get right down to action.

Plus, y'all know I'm a sucker for a group sex scene, dontcha?

Thanks for taking the time to check this out!