Pinups, Massages, Enchantment, and Mother Superior

On this episode - which you can download right here - I look at elements of 4 works but not necessarily the full works themselves.

Something Old

We look at the Classic Pin-Up Art of Jack Cole.

One of the original, classic Playboy artists, providing sexy and funny one-pagers from 1954 to 1958.

He's about to get more than just "a feel" in that hand of his!

Something New

An excerpt from the ongoing series - Tarot #111 - with a cover date of July 2018.  This is definitely in my Top 10 favorite covers of all time.

One of my favorite characters, Boo Cat, gets the opportunity to massage Tarot's sore body and she practically explodes with desire in the process!  While it's just a side scene in the main story, it's a lot of fun and the subject of Cover B!

I think we would all need some relief after a long session with Tarot!

Something Borrowed

Could just as easily be named "something new" . . . as it's a new ongoing series from Markosia titled "Possession."  2 issues are out so far (for only $1.99!), and I take a peek into them both.

A multi-layered, complex story that has its undercurrent in Greek Mythology.

Diverse personalities and body styles find themselves in situations that are desirable and dangerous at the same time.  

And all looping back to various forms of Possession.


Something Blue

We return to Eurotica's collection series of Barbarian Chicks and Demons, peeking into a story in Vol. 6.

Each volume is made up of 5 or 6 short stories - all taking place far into the past, but not all necessarily related.  The same world, for sure, but any connected stories cross volumes. 

Mother Superior spends plenty of time at her desk.

An investigator for the Inquisition poses as a new candidate for the nunnery . . . and finds a more intense enrollment ceremony than she expected!

 And a sting operation turns into a sexual orgy of energy.


  1. Gratefulness for your time, In the making of your Blog and Podcast. Sequential Sex has educated me, even after the end of the cast. I spend hours looking what I learned up.


    1. Glad you've been liking it! Be sure and share anything cool you might stumble across.


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