Free Comic Book Day 2019! Pop-Up Show!

Here's the link to a short "Pop-Up" show about this year's Free Comic Book Day Offering!

Think that there isn't anything sexy about FCBD?  Au contraire, mon frère!

There are 2 books that are either eye candy or overtly sexy this year.  I recommend you get to your local comic shop this Saturday (5/4/19) and grab a free copy of each one!

Lady Mechanika 2019

Gorgeous Joe Benitez art in a unique steampunk world!


And yes!  It actually features a sex party!  Or at least a party where there's some serious sex going on!

In the classic costume . . . celebrating 50 years and still looking good!

I want to read more about this party.  Especially the panels in the sample pages that were blacked out.  Yep, I'm looking for this one!

And while you're at it, grab a copy of Defend Comics - produced by the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund!

Sure, it's All Ages . . . but it'll be fun and high quality while FIGHTING CENSORSHIP!

Have fun!  I hope everyone can make it to a local comic shop!  Not sure where one is?  Click on this link to the Comic Shop Locator.