New Episode - Finding the Sexy in a More Traditional Style

The latest episode definitely includes a nice amount of stimulating material.  What's strange is that they are probably the 4 least explicit stories I have ever profiled.  At least in combination, that's true.

Something Old - Modesty Blaise

This strip from the UK stretches the boundaries of what US Newspapers will print.  Which is too bad, because the stories are as great as the artwork.  The comic is written by creator Peter O'Donnell.

A gorgeous and elegant former rogue turned secret agent partners with a rough and tumble PI type to solve mysteries and get in to danger.  Sure, you'd recognize the basic themes of the stories, but the sexual expression helps ground this more into real life!

We start out with a blatant example of US Editing . . . those breasts are as smooth as a mannequin!

But at least they left such a sweet ass in tact.    Willie's looking pretty good as they skinny dip, as well!

And you don't see dialogue like this stateside . . . how IS your libido, Willie?

For Something New, we look at the English release of Mirka Andolfo's Unnatural.  First published in Italian, it's getting a monthly issue release by Image Comics.

Mirka is my favorite artist, currently . . . but you can't pass up a cover by Manara . . . 

Not usually aroused by anthropomorphic animals . . . but I definitely would like to see more of this!  Gorgeous art.

The story starts off rooted in sex but it takes a turn into thrilling adventure and occult situations, so the eroticism doesn't sustain past the first few issues.  Still worth seeking out, though.

Something Borrowed brings us to the fun webcomic Go Get A Roomie!

This follows the libidinous adventures of "Roomie," a self-described hippie who still embraces the free love of the late 60s - yet in today's times.  

Oh, yeah . . . and she mostly likes girls!

Something Blue got me actually aroused.  A man and his wife check into a resort spa to try and rekindle the romance.  They find that romance feels great as sex with their masseuse!

The husband is tempted while his wife is away.  He doesn't take up the offer, but he does seek out a similar arrangement for his wife when she returns . . . 

She's not sure, but they can't help but get aroused.  She finds hope and safety in having her husband nearby,

But instead, hope and safety turns toward marathon fucking and multiple orgasms.  At the husband's urging their relationship just opened up the sex a little bit . . . 

The book has the common blurred-out genitalia of traditional Hentai Manga, but it's still hot enough to get charged up!

Thank you for reading and listening!

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