Lizards and Ladies and More!

It's time for some more amazing and sexy art!  Get the show for this page:  Sequential Sex Podcast - Season 3, Episode 3!

As usual, click on the book title to get a link on where you can read or buy the work!

This time around, we look at a collection of Vaughn Bodē erotic art: The Liz-Zine.  He has a colorful, fantastical style all his own.  Hmmm . . . I feel like I need to have some of this art tattooed on my body somewhere . . .

And a bonus!  Most all of his erotic strips take place OUTDOORS!

All of his women are fleshy, confident, randy, and stacked.  They don't all look the same, but none of them look like barbie dolls, either.  Plus, most every ethnicity is comfortably and gleefully represented!

For "Something New," we look at the first issue of a brand new series from Boom! Studios titled "Faithless" - created by Brian Azzarello and Maria Llovet!

This is a fabulous way to begin a comic book!

It takes some risks.  It titillates.

And it pays off in surprising ways!

Start buying this series!  It's out now!

For "Something Borrowed," we went to the library!  And what a score we found!  I found "Perfect Hair" by Tommi Parrish.

It's hard to describe . . . and the writing exceeds the excellent artwork.  This is a work about lonliness.  This is a work about the role of sex in our relationships.  This is a book about how we try to connect, however awkwardly.  It's fantastic.

The artwork changes dramatically throughout the book, which is loosely made up of 2-3 page vignettes that seem unconnected, but seem very . . . connected.

The dance.

And we wrap up "Something Blue" with some cheap porn fantasy - neglected housewife gets fucked hard by constructions on the floor above her apartment.  This is from "It Could Happen To You, Volume 1"

Stereotypical jerk who outkicked his coverage!

She called their bluff!

If her husband could only see her now . . . I suspect this is not something she does for him very often!

They got some attention, so now she gets some action!