Episode - Fantasy Scenes and Facing Loneliness

On this show: Fantasy Scenes and Facing Loneliness, we take a look less at arousing scenes and more at relationships and introspection.  And some cartoon sex!

Something Old

Perhaps you've seen it?  It's the classic underground piece by Wally Wood of Disney Characters displaying various misbehaviors.

It truly is a classic, mimeographed and passed around countless offices and bars around the US.

And I've always had an attraction to Tinker Bell . . . likely due to the figure and blonde hair - but maybe it's because I knew deep down that she was a stripper!

Something New brings me to the Filthy Figments anthology SCORE!  This is a collection of sports-themed erotic comics created by artists who identify as women!  So . . . a lot of hot stories!

I had to start with a fun strip created by the great Jenny Breeden, creator of the excellent web comic The Devil's Panties!

There are a lot of fine creators represented.  I particularly enjoyed 

Where an enticing challenge is proposed and accepted - "if we both win, we get to hook up!"

Oh, yeah . . . . SCORE!

Something Borrowed is a great hardcover from Fantagraphics - The Perineum Technique - which I was able to find in the Public Library System.  The cover fortells . . . we got some BDSM coming our way!

This is the English translation of a French BD work - and now I want to find the French version!

The artist's imagining of how a nude Skype session goes for our main characters . . . 

And a very real discussion of the impact that withholding ejaculation can have over a long period of time.  It can surprise edgers how their behavior (goals, etc) can affect how their partners perceive the connection . . . and how it can create a lack thereof!

Something Blue!  Where I dive back into the glorious and dirty world of the Tijuana Bibles!

Who doesn't fantasize of meeting up with a sex kitten on the Subway?

They do it every which way in only 8 pages!  Yum!