Season 4 Opens with Wood!

Season 4 of the Sequential Sex Podcast has begun!

I'm getting away from the old format, going instead to more frequent and shorter shows that highlight just the latest book I've been enjoying.  This is easier for me to keep up with, and I hope it's easier for you to fit into your busy life!

Today I take a quick look at an amazing hardcover collection:  Cons de Fée: The Erotic Art of Wallace Wood.  It lists for $49.99, but you can get it for less on Amazon!

It's a beautifully made hardcover - 200 pages of high-quality white paper.

The book is arranged in decades, with Wood's 1960s pinups and early cartoons, 1970s strips and erotic humor, and 1980s more engaging and explicit porn.

There are a couple hot and explicit stories featuring Sally Forth, a character created by Wood to entertain those in active duty and published in a military magazine.

And before writers like Willingham portrayed the 7 Dwarves as highly sexed old men, Wood sent up the classic Disney renditions in explicit splendor!

Check it out!  And thanks for reading/listening!

Let me know what YOU are enjoying these days!  Either in the comments below or @sequentialsex on Twitter or


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